Veronica Keefe


passion for excellence, development and leadership

About Me

Hi there! My name is Veronica.

I grew up on the red sands of Prince Edward Island and have been an athlete as far back as I can remember. I played just about every sport you can think of growing up.

Although I loved sports as a child, I never thought they would take me anywhere. But just a few years later, and I found myself having traveled the world because of them. Having been a high-performance athlete in the sport of freestyle wrestling and have traveled to 20+ countries to train and compete as a member of Team Canada.

In addition to pursuing sport at the highest level, I am also an educator, researcher and coach.

Feel free to browse the tabs above to learn a little more about what is in the works in these areas!

I have always been a passionate person, throwing myself wholeheartedly into my areas of interest and devoting myself to their inner workings. While attending Concordia University, I quickly discovered a passion for personal development, leadership, social and emotional learning, mental and physical well-being and education.

I just love helping individuals progress and grow!!


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Concordia University

M.A. Educational Studies

McGill University

B. Ed. Specialization in Kindergarten and Elementary Education

Concordia University

B. A. in Recreation and Leisure Studies